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第二套人民币-诚寻大收藏家 Second set of RMB - looking for a big collector 1955年2月21日,国务院发布命令,决定由中国人民银行自1955年3月1日起发行第二套人民币(The



Second set of RMB - looking for a big collector



1955年2月21日,国务院发布命令,决定由中国人民银行自1955年3月1日起发行第二套人民币(The Second Series of RMB),收回第一套人民币。第二套人民币,是在第一套人民币的基础上于1955年3月1日开始发行的。


On February 21, 1955, the State Council issued an order, deciding that the people's Bank of China would issue the second series of RMB as of March 1, 1955, and recover the first set of RMB. The second set of RMB was issued on March 1, 1955 on the basis of the first.




At that time, the impact of the war on the national economy had been eliminated, industrial and agricultural production had resumed and developed rapidly, commodity economy had become increasingly active, and market prices had been stable. On the basis of balance of income and expenditure, the national finance has received more than expenditure for several consecutive years, and the national commodity inventory and gold reserve have increased year by year. The monetary system has been consolidated and improved accordingly. An independent and unified monetary system has been established.





In the design, printing and distribution of the second set of RMB, Zhou Enlai, Chen Yun and other central leading comrades paid great attention to it. They reviewed the whole design in person. In the design, we adopted many specific and valuable modification suggestions put forward by Premier Zhou, which made the theme of the second set of RMB design clear, advanced printing technology, reasonable structure of main and auxiliary currency, and novel pattern and color.





Sanyuan and Baotashan reflect that the establishment of the country and the capture of political power are due to the victory of the revolution. Sanyuan is longyuankou of Jinggangshan, the cradle of revolution, while Baotashan is the symbol of Yan'an, the holy place of revolution, which represents the establishment of the country and the direct connection between the victory of the revolutionary regime and revolution. The revolution itself is based on the interests of the workers and peasants and the national interests, which is the foundation of the establishment of the country, while the revolution itself is based on the unity of the workers and peasants. In the 1950s and 1960s, the status of workers and peasants stood aloof, although working was the most tiring and bitter.





The red one yuan and the black one yuan reflect the establishment of the country and the victory of the revolutionary regime. Tiananmen Gate is the symbol of state and regime, which highlights the authority of state and regime. Huang Yijiao, locomotive and hydropower station reflect the development and Prospect of the combination of industry and agriculture in the early days of the people's Republic of China. These are reflected in the importance attached to industry and agriculture after the victory of the revolutionary regime, and through the joint efforts of the workers and peasants to build their homes. The cent shows the importance of industry. In the 1950s, the country made great efforts to develop industry.





In the printing process of the second set of RMB, in addition to the denomination, the other coupons are all overprinted with rubber concave, in which the corner notes are printed with single concave front; the paper notes of 1 yuan, 2 yuan, 3 yuan and 5 yuan are printed with double concave front and back; the paper notes of 10 yuan also use the advanced wire printing technology at that time.




Most of the second set of RMB notes are consumed through personal collection or gift book, which are deposited in the hands of individuals and rarely returned to the market, while the investment and speculation ingredients for the second set of RMB notes are very few, Even if there is a large amount of investment funds, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of hype, because there are few sources of goods in the market, and there is no source of hype, and money is not necessarily able to buy what you want to buy. Apart from the sealed (i.e. 100 serial numbers) sources of money and 50 cents coupons, most of the other coupons are old ones, with few brand-new ones, especially the 53 year version of new ones Less, it's hard to buy, the market price keeps rising, and the future growth space is still huge; the second set of RMB notes, unlike stamps, has a large number of varieties, and the quantity provides speculation.





The second set of RMB intaglio printing plate is made by the traditional manual carving method in China, which has a unique national style. Its advantages are deep pattern, thick ink layer, and good anti fake and anti fake functions.




The second set of RMB issued a total of 11 denominations, 16 editions in total: 1, 2, 5, 1, 2, each, 2, 5 (with watermark, no watermark), 1, 2 (red 1, black 1), 1, 3, 3 (1953 Su 3, 1956 seagull watermark, 1956 five star watermark), 1, 10.




During the issuance period, new China experienced many twists and turns, many people experienced the era when the salary was only a few yuan, even the era when a dime could eat enough, and the circulation volume was very small. The price of Su Sanzhen skyrocketed (10 yuan, 5 yuan, 3 yuan), especially the 10 yuan bond, commonly known as the "big black pick-up" with a good value of more than 200000 yuan. In 2009, the price was about 50000 yuan, and the price of three yuan was as high as 50000 yuan, just a few before One thousand yuan. As the saying goes, "rare things are precious" can be deduced here. Compared with the third set of RMB, the value of the whole set has increased by more than 100000 yuan.




The second set of RMB is carefully kept and collected by Mr. He. The whole set has complete covers, excellent preservation of paper money, complete versions, and high collection value, historical value and investment value. Now, he intends to cut off his love and look for collectors with good fortune.


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藏品宣传的意义:就是让成百上千的人看到此件精品藏品, 欲找有缘人收藏。

  The significance of the collection propaganda: It is to let hundreds of people see this collection of fine collections, to find a collection of people.



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